Sunday, 21 November 2010

Film Review - The Social Network

The Social Network

I went to this movie, purely to watch good old JT do his thang'
The movie itself was a good watch, just like, I expect the book it was based on was a good read. In a world where everyone (almost) wants to be a millionaire, it was bound to grab the audiences attention. Just like we all go out and read biographies on people like Simon Cowell or the Virgin guy - the name is just not in my head right now. This movie would have captured the entrepreneur within us all. So the point of the story - to get rich quick, break up with your other half, being a computer geek is an added bonus. Get a great idea whilst drunk, stab your best friend in the back and then at the end of it all realise you have no one and start contemplating whether or not it was actually worth it at all.


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