Monday, 22 November 2010

Film Review - Jackass 3D

Jackass 3D

if you have any intention of going to see this movie, then you already know what to expect. The only difference from the others - it's in 3D and their all alot older. If you want to see a bunch of middle aged men acting like kids then this is the movie for you. I am amazed that no one has been killed yet, whilst making the movies or even the TV series. Having said all of that I laughed all the way through. So much so my cheeks hurt by the end. Go and watch if you want a laugh.



  1. I saw the movie saturday night, I used to see the series way back when it still passed on MTV. The 3D was a bit unecessary I think, but other than that I laughed aaalll tthhee wwaayyy


  2. Surprisingly I haven't seen this one yet. Can't wait to see it! I haven't read a bad review yet.
    I'm following you here and on FashionChampagne-Great Blogs!!