Monday, 4 October 2010

Film Review - The Town

The Town

It's not often that a film has me sitting on the edge of my seat, squealing like a little girl and routing for the bad guy. This is exactly what 'The Town' managed to do.

The film starts, with the opening credits stating that the film is set in Charlestown, an area of Boston that has spawned more bank robbers than any other part of the US.
Clue to what the movie will be about? Bank Robbery. 
So sets the story about bank robbing as a family business, passed down from father to son, with no way out. Of course there would also be the forbidden love story - Que Ben Affleck - the obligatory fall out and the random make up story.
This film is well worth the watch, the show down is fantastic! If not a little bit funny.
Ben Affleck, did a great job with this movie, the screen play!
Glad he's back on the big screen!


  1. Oh - I've been wanting to see this! My hubby and I ended up seeing The Social Network this weekend instead, though. I loved it - definitely recommend it. Funnier that expected, and intriguing too!


  2. I have really wanted to see this too! Looks great. Ben Affleck is definitely one-to-watch! Looking forward to it :) xx

  3. would really like to watch this one, should i?