Tuesday, 5 October 2010

DVD Review - The Back up Plan

The Back up Plan

So another movie featuring JLo, another Romcom and another cinema flop! 

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I book mark JLo up there with Jennifer Anniston and Drew Barrymore -  good for a laugh and a whimsical love story. Not Oscar worthy movies, but fully entertaining. Most definitely ones to watch with your girlfriends on a Friday night with a take away. Leave the BF at home, unless he has a crush on any of the above.

Although following the Romcom strategies, fall in love at the wrong time, try to make the relationship work, struggle then comes the obligatory break up and of course the make up. It still had me guessing. (That's not hard - remember the 6th sense? I had no idea what was going on until the end credits!)

JLo plays a strong  single lady who doesn't need a man in her life. It hasn't happened yet, she hasn't met the one, so she assumes it won't. Next step - artificial insemination - OBVIOUSLY! 
Then add the misfortune of meeting the one just a mere 5 minutes after insemination and hey presto to you have the movie.
Worth the watch if your a JLo fan. Giving birth  scene was the funniest part of the movie - be warned it may put you off having babies.